For one leading pharmaceutical laboratory, success and double-digit sales growth came with a cost: an overburdened supply chain that threatened to reduce market share.

BuzzClan delivers high performance, high availability and room to grow


The customer is a major retailer with over $15B in annual sales, and was falling behind in providing Business Intelligence applications needed to keep ahead of growing sales volume and faster paced acquisitions and reorganizations. The customer also needed an improved mechanism for building one-off prototype and sandbox environments to test new releases and concepts without interfering with the ongoing SDLC. Although the customer was aware of the capabilities of the Exalytics product, they lacked the in-house expertise and technical staffing capacity to properly architect a complete migration into an Exalytics-based environment. Since the time of the original BI platform deployment, numerous changes to corporate IT standards meant that there had to be changes to integration touch points with networking, security,storage, directory services, and server administration and monitoring. The BI Applications department staff did not have the required IT experience to effect the changes, and the various IT teams had no spare engineering bandwidth.

The BuzzClan Solution

BuzzClan dispatched a team of Oracle BI specialists, security, storage, networking, and enterprise architecture experts, to be embedded with the BI and IT departments, working with the customer to architect a complete migration strategy. The migration strategy encompassed the mechanics of porting and upgrading OBIEE, the development of new dashboard content that would leverage the newer OBIEE features, and the use of Exalytics TimesTen to hold the most highly needed aggregate and detail data for improved Dashboard and Answer performance. The OBIEE application was integrated with the numerous IT elements according to the newer standards, and the entire strategy and deployment definition was captured in a 65 page Runbook, with mentoring and knowledge transfer sessions throughout the effort. The new platform consists of four Exalytics X2-4 machines, two in a production cluster, and the other two in a lower environment hosting cluster. The production cluster machines are “bare metal”, direct OS


Customer: A $15B Major Retailer.

Business Problem
Sub-par dashboard query times.
Data warehouse is overloaded.
Large effort and long lead time to scale environments to meet demand.
Acquisitions and consolidations are causing increasing ETL time.
Production environment is not reliable enough.
Customer lacks the expertise to overhaul the BI platform.


BuzzClan Solution

  • Dedicated a team of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, and Security, Network, and Storage experts to solve the problem.
  • BuzzClan team formulated a new BI platform architecture, and led the customer IT teams to ensure a successful deployment

Strategic Benefits

  • Very high availability now serves external users and drives further adoption by internal business units.
  • Increased performance shortens turnaround of strategic decisions.

Strategic Benefits

The BI Applications department is now able to not only keep pace with growing demand, it is in position to develop a strategy of integrating huge scale, unstructured data analysis with its BI platform. The BI department has regained control of its most important dimensional data through the use of Exalytics-local TimesTen instances, and thanks to the flexibility of the virtualized Exalytics infrastructure several business analysis and marketing teams can now quickly realize speculative deployments of OBIEE and Times Ten to support leading-edge analytical methods.


installations, keeping to the company’s IT standard of not having virtualized production servers. The lower environments cluster leverages virtualization to have several concurrently operating environments. As the database department had recently purchased an Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the production cluster is linked to Exadata system via InfiniBand; the lower environments leverage the 10GbE NIC ports to connect to the Exadata system.


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