How HR Leaders Can Avoid Getting Burned by Bad HR Technology

The IT landscape is inundated with HR software options, each of them promising to be better than other. In such an environment, one of the biggest challenges is to pick and choose the right HR technology, which facilitates the evolution of the current business process. The HR leaders should be mindful of the repercussions of choosing a system that isn’t fit for purpose. A bad HR technology choice can spiral the business process and its replacement cost out of control. The leaders, therefore, before deciding on any HR technology should bear in mind the following considerations:

• The current business process: The HR leaders should have a clear understanding of their current business processes. The problems that they think a new HR system intend to solve and how these new HR solutions would seamlessly fit into the current business plan. For instance, how the integration of mandatory mobile self-service platform or the data analytics capabilities of the new technology will help in optimizing performance and greater employee engagement.

• The focus of the HR leaders should be on a secure and compliant HR technology. As most of the company’s operations transgress geographical boundaries, it’s important to choose an integrated HR solution which constantly keeps a tab on payroll legislation and employment laws according to the jurisdiction it does business in. Another important feature of a new integrated HR technology solution is an end to end data security and its compatibility with cloud-based solutions.

• The digital era facilitates collaborative learning through integrated platforms and connected devices. The HR leaders should opt for a technology which is intuitive, easily configurable and scalable. An easy to use GUI facilitate employee experience and benefits employee performance through self- service onboarding and learning and development platforms.

HR technology is the backbone of any HR processes. It provides real-time data for strategic decision making and encompasses all the HR business process from hiring to exit. A hasty decision in HR technology selection will result in the business going belly up, sooner than one can realize, resulting in irreparable damages.

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