Automate your arduous HR tasks with BUZZHRMS

Managing the human capital asset is the key to success for any organization in today’s cut-throat competition to attract and retain the best fit in the HR domain. The HR professional role is not only limited to resource management but also gravitates extensively towards payroll processing, performance management and leave management to name a few. Most of these tasks are laced with repetitive processes and workflow which can be very arduous and time-consuming. BUZZ HRMS combines HR system and processes, leveraging the capabilities of Information technology to automate the redundant task, freeing up HR time, to let them focus on strategizing HR policies and engaging with the candidates and employees on a personal level.

The BUZZ HRMS comes equipped with modules like Onboarding, recruitment, Employee Self Service, performance appraisal, learning, and development, leave management & employee exit. Although they are separate modules within the HRMS framework, they are closely intertwined among themselves and integrated with another ERP software. A well-integrated design model provides a valuable source for real-time reporting inducing a data-driven decision-making approach compared to the traditional instinctive decision-making approach. Made for growth, the BUZZ HRMS back-end infrastructure grows with your organization automatically, taking care of existing data upload and hardware requirements.

Apart from reducing the administrative burden of HR, it streamlines the core HR functions and reduces the risk of compliance and errors. The organizations no longer leave themselves exposed to fines due to non-compliance of privacy laws as HRMS offers a better way of implementing privacy laws according to the geographical location of the enterprise.

BUZZ HRMS solution leverage emerging technologies like machine learning, AI, social, analytics and mobile platform integration to provide a scalable and transparent solution. The HR recruitment and retention strategy are designed around the mathematical model derived from AI algorithms, which finds a probability of a pattern after churning through a large amount of structured and unstructured data. It has a web-based interface which can be connected to any device with internet connectivity, making the system accessible from anywhere.

Every organization should look for opportunities to increase man-hours at hand. HRMS does exactly that by automating the task which is repetitive in nature across multiple HR modules. It’s imperative to have a right HR management solution in place but it comes with a caveat. An HRMS system can only be a worthwhile investment if it’s been tweaked and designed to meet your requirements and business goals.  

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