Oracle Engineered systems

The capability to compute enormous unstructured data at a breakneck speed to gain slightest of advantage in making business critical decisions is gaining traction in today’s dynamic IT landscape. Disruptive and disparate systems, running on variations of multiple configurations and platforms are not only a hindrance to the manageability and scalability optimization but also act a roadblock to the extreme performance that is so essential to analyzing data and providing actionable information to the users. Therefore, to remediate the issues arising due to integration complexity, Oracle has developed an in a box solution of engineered or integrated systems in which all the hardware and software have been integrated, tested and architected at every layer of the technology stack to standardize and optimize the performance throughput with negligible downtime and faster query result capabilities.
Buzzclan is equipped with certified personnel’s who have expertise in “EXA” architecture (Exalogic, Exadata, Exlytics) through the experience gained from the successful implementation of the engineered systems. The solution architects ascertain the components in your IT landscape which can be standardized to reduce risk and enable the task of hardware and software upgrades a breeze. As the Oracle’s engineered system are built on open standards they tend to be ideal for an IT landscape which includes third party and legacy systems.
The most convoluted of the IT systems can be consolidated into one engineered machine that is already tuned for the best usage of database and application servers. This not only creates a less complicated IT environment but also reduces footprint in terms of power consumption, IT administrators and floor space. Buzzclan understands the importance of extreme performance and through experience gained over a period can advise how to use Oracle Exadata database machine or Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to further enhance the capabilities of your IT investment. The Exadata database machine, a platform perfectly designed to consolidate database workloads in private cloud and data center, provides extreme performance for both data warehousing and OLTP applications. Exalogic Elastic cloud, on the other hand, enables extreme performance for Java and Oracle applications either in cloud or data center by running multiple applications in a virtualized isolated environment, in turn allowing to consolidate a large number of applications onto a single system.
Storage servers have been a bone of contention for most of the organizations. The Oracle Exadata storage servers combine the best of hardware and software solution to deliver a world-class database storage performance. The storage servers use a parallel architecture that increases the bandwidth between the storage and the database server. This capability of the Exadata storage server to handle multiple workloads reduces the need to have more servers, thus reducing the operational cost and protecting your IT investments.
To compete in the fast-paced IT environment, organizations should reduce complexities and increase the standardized use of their IT infrastructure. Oracles engineered systems have been designed keeping in mind the essence of a “simple fabric” business applications. The consolidated approach drives business innovation, reduces cost and help achieve unparalleled enterprise performance level.

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