The recruitment landscape has changed in recent times, where geographic boundaries no longer hold the fort as companies hire candidates from across the country or even globe. This paradigm shift in the recruitment process makes it pertinent to verify the validity of the employee’s identity and their work authorization permit.

Form I-9 also known as employment eligibility verification, is a form which is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of the employees hired for employment in the USA. It’s a mandate and the employer needs to duly fill the form for each individual they hire for employment in the country. This is a requirement for both citizens and non-citizens and should be available for inspection by authorized US government officials belonging to the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice or Department of Labor. This exercise of collating the relevant data tends to be quite labor intensive and repetitive for the HR team, often digressing them to the administrative task than on core competencies. This in-turn hampers the productivity of the team.

VerificatI9 is a work authorization verification solution designed to automate the E-verify process with a single click. As it automates the most repetitive task in filling the I-9 form, it facilitates in removing the risk which a company might run into due to the incorrect collection of information. In doing so, the risk of errors and possibility of any fraud is mitigated.

The way VerificatI9 work is very straightforward. The verification service checks two federal databases namely social security administration and the Department of Homeland Security to corroborate the eligibility of a new hire to work in the United States of America. It scans the information through the I-9 form and provides the verification or request resolution information electronically. This allows the patrons to maintain a compliant, organized and paperless based verification process via a web-based platform.


The following are the benefits of VerificatI9:

  • It reduces the paper based activities via its web based verification platform. Every detail is available electronically with a click of a button. This has a flow on effect on storage and manual activities.
  • The inbuilt embedded controls act as deterrents and don’t allow forms to be submitted in-case of any mandatory information, like social security number, missing on the form.
  • The I-9 noncompliance incurs severe penalties. An employer who hires unauthorized person can be fined between $250- $5500 per worker and can be debarred from any federal contracts for a year. In addition to this, for any incomplete or erroneous record, a penalty of $110 is applicable. VerificatI9 ensures a legally authorized workforce, compliant with state and federal legislation, thus minimizing the risk of government penalties.
  • It enables added control and visibility as the information is always available for spot check audits by HR managers and government officials. The automated prompts which are triggered based on predefined parameters, remind the administrators to conduct re-verification process due to I-9 form expiry date.

The automated I-9 verification system makes storing and retrieving verification information a breeze. It brings consistency to the I-9 form filling process and reduces any human error. The choice of verification system should be heavily dependent on how much it is compliant with the ICE regulations and how much automation it can bring about in the I-9 manual filing process.

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