Grantee Participation Management System

In order to reduce reporting burden on grantees, BuzzClan has developed the Grantee Participation Management System, or GPMS. Derived from the WIOA Quarterly Performance Reporting (QPR) and H-1B QPR, the GPMS is an Information management portal that will be used to interact with Grant participants, Grant administrators and Grant Agency to meet the individual Grant’s Performance Reporting Processes.


  • Allow for a modern, digital experience for all the participant and administrators pertaining to the Data Assimilation.
  • Provide a centralized Reporting environment for the Grantee administrators to meet the Grant Agency’s performance reporting requirements, and also analyze data for internal monitoring and reporting
  • Allow for a centralized single point of data store which can be securely accessed by the participants, and the administrators using industry standard browser based clients
  • Allow for a paper-less experience, and reduce data entry burden on the participants and administration
  • Ensuring minimum data entry errors by allowing the participants to enter data into the system directly
  • Provide a dynamic and agile support framework which will work with the administration to ensure any changes to the data collection and reporting requirements by the agencies are implemented during the lifetime of the Grant


The GPMS provides the following functionalities:

  1. Single, Integrated system supporting end to end data assimilation and reporting system
  2. Multiple yet consistent interfaces to support the end-user lifestyle. (Desktop Web browser, Mobile Phone, Tablets)
  3. Responsive design with modern web experience
  4. Data and Technical Standards
    1. Project Descriptor Data Elements : Project Descriptor data elements identify the grantee organization, specific project and project details
    2. Individual Information: Individual data elements are those which all the participating are required to complete. These data elements will be captured at source giving access to the participants to the data entry forms over web forms. These data elements enable the grantee the ability to record unique, un-duplicated participant records.
      1. Identifying Data
      2. Equal Opportunity Information
      3. Veteran Characteristics
      4. Employment and Education Information
      5. Additional Reportable Characteristics
    3. Program- Specific Data Elements Program-specific data elements provide information about the characteristics of the client, services provided to the participant and the progress thereof.  Following list is a sample specific to H-1B TechHire Partnership and H-1B Strengthening Working Families Initiative programs
      1. Center Program Participation Information
      2. Individualized Career Services Information
      3. Training Services Information
      4. Youth Program Services/Elements
      5. Other Related Assistance and Support Services
      6. Education and Credential Data
      7. H1B Information
    4. Metadata Elements Metadata is defined as “Data about Data”. These elements capture information about data itself: when it was collected, who entered it, update characteristics of updateable data etc. This facilitates reporting and provided an audit trail
      1. Date Created
      2. Date Updated
      3. Creator
      4. Updator
      5. Data collection Stage
      6. Project Identifier
    5. Privacy and security Standards: The system will follow privacy and security standards as needed by the clients. The standards will seek to protect the confidentiality of personal identifiable information (PII) while allowing for reasonable, responsible, and limited users and disclosures of data. These privacy and security standards are based on principles of fair information practices and on security standards recognized by the information privacy and technology communities. Data at rest is encrypted using “transparent data encryption”, and data at transit is secured by using “Secure Socket Layer” for web access.
    6. Data quality and FunctionalityGPMS will sets parameters around ensuring the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of data. GPMS will ensure Correctness, Completeness, Consistency and Timeliness of data collected and reported by using various data validation and verification controls.
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