A Weekend Escape to Heavenly Barog

What’s life without a little Buzz. 

Living up to the commitment of better work-life & team spirit, BuzzClan India planned a weekend escape to Barog* on August 24, 2019, to celebrate the opening of their new Mohali Branch. The 2day getaway was attended by leads and team members from various branches across the country. 

Setting up the Context

It all started a day before when a team dinner was planned at TNDC Mohali with team members from other divisions, who had traveled to the town for the event. The event kicked off with a quick introduction session. The evening was packed with various sessions and team briefings. Founder Sachin Jain presented the company history and discussed the future roadmap with the team, followed by one-on-one meetings between various stakeholders. 

It was a fun-filled event with lots of dance & music. It was also a celebration for all the birthdays which were in August and it was formalized as a ritual to be continued every month.

The Pleasant Mountain Drive

The very next day, it was time to leave for Barog*. Breakfast was planned en route with Darjeeling tea and everyone enjoying the breathtaking views with the first meal of the day. It was a fun-filled ride on the bus with dancing and games like Dumb Charades, Antakshari, and the sharing of Punjabi jokes. Once near Barog, the magnificent view of mountains and valleys took everyone’s attention and the team members were mesmerized when they saw the mystic mountains.

The Beautiful Destination 

The beautiful view made everyone relax and stress-free. The stay was booked at Hotel Barog Heights which is a very beautiful property and offers a commanding view of the entire Solan valley. On arrival, the group had a nice lunch followed by more fun activities. The activities included a trek to Pandava caves, a sanctuary at the highest point of Karol crest. The place is blessed with a pleasant climate round the year. The hotel also had jacuzzi which was enjoyed by the members. In the evening a party was organized where everyone joined the table for alluring drinks and snacks in the evening. 

Early next day morning the members were called out in an open space to pray. The prayer was for the new office. It was a multi-faith prayer ceremony where everyone participated and felt peaceful thereafter. 

Memories Forever

This trip marked the beginning of a new chapter in the life of BuzzClan and everyone involved feel great about it. In addition to the staff, the getaway was attended by friends and family both with kids really enjoying themselves. Fun at work is an essential part of the culture BuzzClan promotes within the organization and this trip was just the beginning. 

* Barog is a beautiful small hilly town in Himachal Pradesh and is about 2 hours by road from BuzzClan Mohali office.

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