4 ways How AI will augment the Human workforce

AI, been touted as the next best thing which will change the dynamics of the way the business processes run, and the way data analyzed and processed. AI, foreseen as a trailblazer in the IT landscape which would remediate data entry and decision-making errors by workload automation techniques derived through patterns learned by assimilating a large amount of data over a period. Despite the brouhaha about AI displacing the workforce, the truth of the matter is AI will seamlessly coexist with it and augment the throughput of the human workforce.

There are AI-powered tools in the market which combines digital video with predictive analytics, and eventually, speed up the time to hire without compromising on the quality of hire. Companies like observe.AI, use video interviews to create multiple data points on facial expressions, choice of words and intonation to assess the candidate. AI thus provides the best platform for HR personnel to make a data-driven decision, mitigating the wrong hire cost to a large extent.

AI-powered chatbots are redefining the way HR interacts with the applicants. Apart from enhancing efficiency, it streamlines and standardizes the HR process by making use of the stored employee information. The integration of AI for recruiting in the hiring process provides an unbiased perspective, devoid of any human emotions.

The assimilation of AI into the workplace result in an enterprise which is intelligent build on an integrated framework which caters for automation of repetitive task and enables the workers to engage in a more challenging and creative task. The analytical capabilities of AI have the potential to provide insights into the enormous data and facilitate the creation of customized learning programs. Adaptive learning when personalized is a very potent way to engage today’s workforce.

Apart from having the potential to help individuals become more agile, curious and nimble, AI can enhance human collaboration and elevate cognitive diversity with the groups.

AI is now being viewed as a brand-new classification of intelligence which will change the structure of work and augment the human workforce. With AI, there will be a requirement for higher versatility and dexterity amongst the workforce which has the potential to leverage AI capabilities to its full potential.




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